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With only 10 % descent the "Sommerrodelbahn Moosburg" has the gentlest slope in Austria. Nevertheless you can reach quite high-speed. And you can feel a prickling in your stomach as if you were on a real bob-run. Why is that? - The toboggans of Moosburg go on four wheels while usual toboggans go with a combination of wheels and runners either in the rear or in the front.

The "Sommerrodelbahn" exists since 1980. The idea to get an own toboggan-run was born during summer-toboggan-running. Father Weiss said to himself, "What a good idea! And we also have a hill at home. Let's get our own run." Not much later a summer-toboggan-run was built on the hill across the street of the Weiss' house. Since then the toboggans do not stand still - well - only in wintertime. Today, Mr. Weiss' son Hannes is running the business. And he promises, "The route will stay the way it is!"

Some details:

Descent: 10 %

Length: approx. 500 m

Difference in elevation: 50 m

Highspeed: 50 km/h

Some tipps for riding: To get faster you just have to leverdown. And you have to bend into the curve which is also important that you do not topple over.